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100% Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of 100% palm fat



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Pharmalife de México

Pharmalife de México, is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of 100% palm fat, as well as some other ingredients for livestock nutrition.

The company was born almost 20 years ago, when it developed a line of products for the livestock sector, among which are palm fat, palmitic acid, and some glucose precursors; Likewise, he developed his own process technology to prepare them.

Our experience during all these years has allowed us to improve products to increase the productivity and profitability of our customers, at the lowest cost and best performance.

Currently, Pharmalife de México is a leader in the palm surplus fat market, serving both national and international markets. It works on the development of other products for the sector that allows us to provide a more comprehensive comprehensive service to customers, to create functional synergies with them.

The company is certified ISO 9001: 2015, and is in the process of continuous improvement.


Get our customers to prefer us as their best alternative in overpass fat.


Service, Loyalty, Seriousness, Honesty, Development, Continuous Improvement, Etc.


Satisfy the needs of our customers, developing and distributing innovative products of high quality and performance at the lowest cost and with the best service, that meet their current and future expectations through continuous contact with customers, and research of new technologies to put them to your disposition


Company: To be the leading company in Mexico in the manufacture and sale of overpass fat for dairy and fattening cattle, for national and international markets.

Workplace: Be an excellent place to work, where our staff can perform and bring their best to the benefit of the company and customers.

Planet: To be a socially responsible company that performs its functions and operations, respecting and caring for the environment.