100% African Palm grease

PALMALIFE® is a rumen bypass fat made from palm oil fatty acids; Rich in palmitic acid content, essential for animal nutrition and milk production, as it increases the concentration of energy in your diet. Due to its neutral structure it is not digestible by the rumen, however, when it reaches the abomasum where the PH is acidic, it is easily absorbed by the intestine.

Guaranteed Analysis
PALM FAT 83.5% B.S. Mín.
MOISTURE 9.60 % Máx.
HUMIDITY 5.00 % Máx.
Suggested Dose
  • Dairy cattle 220 - 500 gr / day
  • Calves growing 1% of the daily ration
  • Calves in completion 2 - 3% of the daily ration
  • Fattening cattle 100 - 150 gr / day
  • Sheep 50 - 200 gr / day
  • Goats 100 gr / day
  • Swine 2% of the daily ration

Palmitic Plus 80

Premium overflow grease with high C16 palmitic acid

Olifac C1680 is a premium rumen bypass fat with high C16 palmitic acid, with palm oil free fatty acids, rich in palmitic acid content (86%). Its addition of high digestibility increases the production of fat in milk, its concentration, as well as the corrected milk factor (FCM).

Guaranteed Analysis
Total fatty acids 99.5% Min.
Palmitic acid (C: 16) 80% – 89% Máx.
Humidity .5% Máx.

Suggested dose (Before and / or after delivery)

Pre-delivery (21 days before) 60-120 gr / day
Postpartum (21 days later) 100-140 gr / day
Cattle in production (Up to 120 days later) 150-200gr / day